10 Obvious Signs That He Has Stopped Loving You

10 Obvious Signs That He Has Stopped Loving You

People show their love differently. Quiet people can be romantic and extrovert individuals might often go extra with their effort. Some people don’t really take you out on romantic dinners. Still, they never miss your anniversaries, pay attention to tiny things, and are always that person in the background making sure everything is right.

But when you feel unsure if your man still loves you, reading these 10 signs will help you pinpoint what’s going on. Whether they still love you or not, after reading these signs, hopefully, your heart will clear up.


He has a lot to say about your appearance.

Appearance is temporary, but it’s also what you see every day. Someone who loves you wouldn’t attempt to make you feel the need to look perfect all the time. Just like how you feel comfortable with a family member in pajamas and bed hair, that’s how your man should make you feel. They don’t make insulting comments about your bellies, cellulite, or eye sacks.

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