Cheapest Countries for Education Abroad


The importance of education is as clear as day. Be it the country or the society, the dream of development without education can never be a shameful interpretation. Thus the whole orbit of education depends on the learner’s own passion, dedication, and effort but still, the presence of a good educational institution and talented teachers helps to open new doors for learning and understanding.

In the last few years, there has been a sharp rise in the trend of young people going abroad to study. That is because when a student returns home with a foreign education certificate after studying abroad, in many ways he feels superior to his own students studying in Pakistan.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. Expenditure on education varies from country to country. Here we have selected a few countries where undergraduate and postgraduate education can be considered at a reasonable cost. If you want to get higher education abroad on a cheap budget, these are the best places for you.


Norwegian public universities in the European country Norway provide free education to international students. Norway may seem like an expensive country to you in terms of accommodation and rents. But it is cheaper than many other European countries. The Norwegian University of Oslo ranks 135th on the list of international universities. Here students have to bear a monthly expenditure of one lakh six thousand seven hundred and sixty rupees, which includes rent, food, and health insurance.


France is considered the heart of Europe in terms of tourism. But because of the higher education system, a large part of overseas students benefit the national economy every year. It would not be wrong to call France the home of the best universities in the world. The annual fee for his bachelor’s program is about Rs. 34,288. While the fee for an engineering degree is higher, which is about one lakh eleven thousand forty rupees per annum.


Hungary has been a special center for providing excellent and quality education to students for years. Studying in Hungary is the least expensive and best option. If you want to study in Hungary, you must have a monthly budget of at least ninety-three thousand one hundred and thirty rupees. While housing costs vary from city to city. The average student may need 18,000 to 35,000 euros a month just to eat.


International students, especially Pakistani youth, prefer to stay here because of Taiwan’s unique culture and history. The low fees of universities and colleges here also attract students. Despite the low tuition fees, the monthly cost of living there ranges from Rs. 63,000 to Rs. Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has introduced special programs for the convenience of students. Scholarships are also provided for international students.


Poland is a very beautiful country with different culture and long history. Where there are more than five hundred universities. The University of Warsaw is one of the top-ranked universities in Poland, located in the capital. Despite providing such a quality education in Europe, Poland is a very cheap country. On the other hand, Poland is also affiliated with a number of global universities in providing scholarships, which guide and assist students from Pakistan or other countries.


Malaysia is among the countries that have made unprecedented progress in the short term. There are a large number of universities in Malaysia, which are engaged in imparting education to local and foreign students. Malaysia’s higher education emphasizes quality education. There are also campuses of numerous international organizations. Many international universities, such as the Monash University of Australia, are located on campus in Kuala Lumpur.


Special attention is paid to education in Germany. Germany is one of the few countries in the world where excellent degrees and diplomas are free. That is why a large number of students like to go there for higher education. Another reason is that German degrees are authentic and recognized worldwide. Germany ranks fifth in the world in terms of the international student population.

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