Children Deprived Of Education


Then comes a report, the anxiety increases by reading, and in fact, the embarrassment is even greater. According to UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, the total number of children out of primary schools around the world is 67.48 million, Asia is second in the world, and Nigeria is first. In this respect, Asia is number one in South Asia, every ninth child in the world is Asian. The total number of these Asian children is about 72 lakh 61 thousand. The report also states that the trend of increasing admissions is not developing. If out-of-school dropouts continue, the number will drop to 5.8 million in 2015. The report cites poverty as one of the main causes of deprivation.

Why Children Are Deprived Of Education:

Poverty is the main reason why children are deprived of education. Poor parents prefer to make their child ‘small’ in a workshop or hotel so that the child can bring home a few pennies instead of spending it on himself. So that their parents’ hand may be extended. What is the institution in Asian society where there is no trend of child labor? There are so many kids out there that even then you can see them picking up paper from the rubbish heaps. When many innocent, beautiful, and bright children are going to school carrying bags. If these poor people had any support or guide, they would look just as elegant and lovely.

Poverty and Backwardness:

The dangerous and disturbing thing is that we are reaching the extremes of decline. There are so many countries in the world that are trapped in poverty and backwardness. Where there are no seas or rivers, where there are no lush mountains, no fields of gold, no mines full of reserves, no science and technology experts (there is no nuclear power and no nuclear scientist) there is no shadow in the desert No roads, no universities, and no hospitals. Poverty, disease, and ignorance are their destiny. Needy baby, ribs so prominent that you count, belly enlarged. Eyes protruding, slender neck, big head, this is the society of poor African countries. Unfortunately, we are also behind them, we are also behind Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh.

Education Priorities:

Even more dangerous is the fact that education is not one of the priorities of our rulers. Whatever the slogans, whatever the claims, the process shows that the rulers have no focus on education, the budget spent on education can be used to gauge how much the rulers are interested in education. The thing about the federal government is something else, which they are just governing. They have no idea where the country is going. What is the condition of the nation, what is the destination of inflation? Who is responsible for the unrest and foreign policy? Their priorities are something else and whatever they are. The rulers are committed to their agenda very unilaterally and are performing their duties very honestly.

Who is responsible for the unrest and foreign policy?

On the one hand, the Punjab government has been campaigning for admissions, while public representatives have been inaugurating the function to fill up children’s admission forms. But the ground realities are different, children do not enroll in government schools, teachers show enrollment of children through fake attendance.

According to Education Minister himself, our government schools have no doors, no teachers, no washrooms, no rooms, on the other hand, Danish schools, which cost Rs 16,000 per child, are equipped with all the facilities in the world and on the third side. The future of those innocent children who could not go to school, whose fate the government was unable to fulfill its duty. If the rulers go on moderation, there will not be such a big contradiction, and if all the children can go to school, Asia and Asians will be saved from this great embarrassment.

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