Department Of Education and 96 Holidays


It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He will definitely be an officer of the said department. There is also an authoritative entity that employs teachers in tasks such as census and census. This duty must also be performed on the orders of a section officer. Presumably, he belongs to the Home Department. There is also another gentleman, in whose obedience not only the teachers but also all his officers were engaged in the calculation of raiding and loading the procurement centers on the occasion of the purchase of wheat. Of course, this order will be from the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Why Government Need Educated People:

If all these orders are given to the teachers only, then there is a special reason for this, one is that this department is at the forefront of manpower. This class of powerless people is always present at the courts of politicians or their allies to solve their problems. These people have downplayed their own importance. That’s why the government needs some educated people. Teachers are called there. The second most important reason is that when teachers are free, why not engage them in other work, after all the salary is to go from the public treasury. Because many schools have only nominal children. There is no engagement of teachers, the government puts various tasks on them to turn their leisure into an engagement.

The Department Of Education And Teachers:

The number of students in government schools is declining alarmingly. Outside of the cities, teachers have managed their survival in such a way that the pseudonyms of the children are written in the registers. If there was a raid, he told me that not so many children came today, many have taken leave. To control this fraud, the government has imposed a monthly fee of Rs 20 on government school children, which is also being protested. Of course, teachers will also be behind this protest. Now they may have to pay twenty rupees for fake children. This “oppression” cannot be tolerated by children, their parents, or their teachers.

Government Teachers Run their Own Businesses:

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds, this year, the holidays are from June 1 to August 15. But at the same time, there is a ‘possibility’ that there could be fifteen more holidays due to Ramadan. This possibility is also a matter of belief. After the completion of these fortnights, the prospects of Eid-ul-Fitr will be bright. Thus, in these fifteen days, five more days will be added. As if the total holidays will consist of 96 days. If the Department of Education and teachers run the bus, they run their own business with year-round vacations. These people do everything, except for reading and teaching.

Crime of School Owners:

The biggest mission of the officers of the department after the issuance of holiday orders is to prepare immediate raid teams. Find out about this cruel society, which commits the crime of teaching children. Among them, private educational institutions break the law, which is tasted as if their registration is canceled, and their school is sealed with the help of the police. School owners are hiding like thieves.

If these school owners commit the crime of charging fees from the children, then their result is a hundred times different and better than the government institutions and they have to run the school and their house from the fee. Education department officials may be jealous of why private educational institutions are doing so well. Public educational institutions want to bring others on par with themselves instead of elevating themselves.

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