Discipline – The Key to a Positive Lifestyle


The classroom is the only place in the madrassa where all the rules and regulations of discipline can be applied and followed.

In the classroom, teachers promote their students’ feelings of obedience and adherence to principles through their compassionate attention and good education and training of moral character and attitudes. No one can cultivate an atmosphere of obedience, submission, and discipline in children under the pressure of harshness, bitterness, and force.

Promote good manners and discipline

It is a universal fact, that discipline cannot be established by force and temperament. By imposing some strict rules on children, we can never correct the situation of discipline. Such measures are nothing but a waste of energy and time. Unnecessary restrictions on the rules of discipline, do not do it, do not do it. Frequent punishments, reprimands also damage the true spirit of discipline. Teachers must be made aware of the fact that harsh attitudes and threatening conversations and actions can never lead to good discipline.

How to Aware Students of the Right Behaviors

When teachers encourage students to engage in situations that make them aware of the right behaviors, the right way to react, the right and better attitudes to life, and to reflect on their importance and meaning, they have a passion and motivation for change. Seems to be born spontaneously. When teachers arrange for the mental and moral training of children, children devise some rules and methods for themselves to control their behavior and attitudes. Teachers make the best use of the conversations and opportunities that occur during classroom activities to inculcate in students good manners, the right attitudes, and desired habits.

Development of the Student’s Personality

If the classroom is defined as Ideal Transforming Laboratories, then it is not unreasonable. Because the classroom is the only place where the successful development of the personality is helpful, popular and preferred attitudes such as cooperation, learning through helping, mutual respect, polite manner and a sense of concern for others, Such experiments are performed successfully. These laboratories (Class Rooms) provide education and training to the children not to lose their footing even in the ups and downs of the life to come. Timely correction of all kinds of misbehavior found in students which usually manifests itself in the form of rebellious attitudes, verbal aggression, vandalism, beatings, fights, and harassment, which destroys the beauty of life. Requires negative attitudes to be remedied.

How to Develop Good Manners and Discipline in Students

The following are some of the basic factors that have helped students to develop good manners and discipline.

  1. Teachers should ensure that the classroom conditions are appropriate for their lesson needs and that they can inculcate good behavior and good manners in the students’ lives.
  2. Ensure a living and dynamic conscience in students, to guide them in choosing good habits, good manners, good attitudes, and values. The fact that these attitudes are ingrained in the students is in fact the culmination of moral development.
  3. Prepare an outline of classroom disciplinary actions, which are flexible but helpful in building strong character. Disciplinary rules should not be too strict and punishable, as such rules lead to severe resentment and resentment.
  4. Do not miss any opportunity to teach students moral values ​​while teaching in the classroom. Highlight the importance of principles and values ​​in life, and point out that the beauty of life and the world is established by them. Imprint in the minds of the students that the value and importance of morals and character transcends all materialistic achievements and benefits.
  5. Teachers should avoid aggressive expressions, threatening accents, and extreme attitudes and impressions that hurt and damage children’s self-esteem. This behavior makes students hate them, and they start to have bad behaviors.
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