Education In The UK Is A System, Especially A Problem


In recent years, education in the UK is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Why is this happening? How it is that today’s quality knowledge provided by mediocre, Nordic countries, are in such high esteem? This article will try to answer all these questions. In addition, readers will learn in more detail about school education in the UK at their level and principles of organization. In fact, there is something for our country to strive for.

Education in the UK:

It happened that in many countries there is a kind of standard in the UK education system. Although everyone knows this fact in its original form began in the distant 11th century, in fact, appeared many centuries ago and is known about it.

It should be noted that the British school, like no other, and to this day have the “iron” discipline, takes place in the educational process at every educational level, and the teaching methodology held deserves special respect. Yes … it is safe to say that the long history of education in the UK has left its mark on almost every area of ​​the modern process of acquiring knowledge.

There is some confusion about the fact that the English language can be better studied in the UK than, for example, in German or French. Absolutely not. Local teachers refer to their work with the whole part of the responsibility, then, regardless of the language students will be provided with all the necessary knowledge in the chosen direction.

Pre-School Education:

Primary education in the UK

Starts with young Englishmen and Englishwomen (at this age). Russian children only go to kindergarten, when primary education in the UK. Then present the same for the development of creative games and the work of the same group – classes are no different than kindergarten to three-year-old students. But they also exist only 3 hours a day. No longer banned at the legislative level. Why? The thing is, that local experts unanimously agree that children at this age should have time for play, fun, and walks in the fresh air.

For a child enrolled in a preschool class with proven primary school, the entrance test, by the way, in each of the different sources of Albion. They have to be prepared separately and in advance, which must pass a series.

The UK education system requires parents everywhere to apply for enrollment for the first year before the age of three. If for any reason the documents are submitted at the wrong time, the child will most likely find a place in the classroom and will be listed in the so-called list.

Education issues in the UK:

Despite the diversity of principles of primary education in public schools, the most common is to teach children 4 to 11 years. The first year of school is called preparation classes. If parents file an application in a timely manner (six months before the start of the semester), the preschool class child gets into primary school.

Despite the large variety of fairly good primary schools, getting one in one place is not so easy. Even in a high school preschool education does not guarantee admission of her child to the class. Education in the United States and the United Kingdom is very different. In the United States, a child who has graduated from an elite kindergarten is automatically assembled in the same school.

Certain stages of education in the UK in primary school, to be discussed in more detail, are predicted to exist:

  • Phase 4 – up to 6 years. The preparatory class is replaced by a first-class, and in six years, children go in seconds.
  • Stage II – begins at age 7 and continues until the end of the child’s six classes.

The procedure of entrance examinations is strictly required in other institutions. The undeniable benefit of an independent primary school is a turn-based income opportunity. Also, can for all ages. These or other suggestions and the current system of such schools involve the successful continuation of the educational process for almost every child.

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