Epidemic: Impact On Education And Students

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus has changed the world. Its effects can be felt in almost all areas. It has also had a profound effect on the education sector. Instead of sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher’s lecture, answering questions directly, the students had to study online. Despite the passage of so many months, the educational activities have not been fully restored.

Online education continues, albeit in part. Meanwhile, various countries around the world have been constantly reviewing the impact of Corona on education and especially students. Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have also compiled various reviews and research reports. A study conducted in the United States concluded that online education is beneficial only if students have permanent access to computers and the Internet.

Online Education and Exams In UK

British academics and researchers are also keeping a close eye on the issue. After reviewing the situation, one conclusion is that the trend of plagiarism has increased rapidly in the UK due to online education and exams. University students who worked hard because of online campus education and exams. They look for new ways to copy. It has come to light that most of the students, instead of making their own assignments, buy fabricated assignments and submit them to the teachers. The research also found that the business of websites and companies that provide ready-made subjects to students during the Corona period is booming. That is why there is a growing demand in the UK to ban article-writing factories (i.e. websites and companies) in order to maintain the credibility and credibility of universities and to ban this business.

Online Education situation in Pakistan

Now let’s take a look at the situation in Pakistan. No reviews or research were needed here. Although we did not sit idly by after this epidemic. Schools, colleges, and universities continued to thrive on their own, as did third-party online education. Meetings were also held from time to time at the government level and various instructions were issued. All these efforts resulted in the continuation of education in one way or another. And did not stop completely. But the truth is that in Pakistan we have not been able to take concrete steps regarding education. This has been happening with education for years. To say the least, every government makes education its priority. But in practice, the sector is at the bottom of the list of priorities. The easiest way to measure government priorities is to review the budget and funds allocated for education. Unfortunately, instead of increasing the education budget, it has decreased in recent years. As a result, well-known government agencies are on the verge of bankruptcy. We have examples of the University of Peshawar and the Engineering University of Lahore.

Online Education Facilities

However, in the case of Corona, some special measures had to be taken. We have started online education but we have not even felt the need to review the required facilities. The Internet situation should have been reviewed first. It is seen how strong and powerful the signal internet is available. In which areas of the country this facility is not available. However, the process of online education began without any review or planning. In most remote areas, the Internet is either not available at all or the signals are very weak.

Due to this situation, students have not been able to get proper online education (and are still not doing so). Students from backward areas of Balochistan and FATA in particular have been badly affected. A strategy would be formulated by reviewing the situation at the highest level. Efforts are being made to improve the internet and other facilities. Unfortunately, after so many months, the situation is as it is.

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