How to Choose a Successful Career?

Have you ever thought?

Modern medical science has produced millions of doctors, but no one has been able to produce anyone. Why??

  • Why are our intelligence and creativity overwhelmed by degrees?
  • Why are so many doctors and engineers unemployed in our society?
  • Why does a highly educated degree holder often become an employee of a less educated businessman?

That is a person’s lifestyle or the profession that a person chooses to lead a successful life is called his career. If this is the way of life of man, then he’s thinking, his knowledge and skills, his intellect and wisdom, his talents and skills, and his strengths and weaknesses. All these components together can shape his lifestyle, but the development of all these components requires education and training. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve a better and standard lifestyle without proper education and training.

Choosing the right career:

It is the decisive step, which can change your quality of life. But this decision requires a lot of thought and in-depth analysis. Broader information and a better understanding and analysis of your skills and abilities can help you make the right career choice.


  • More than 60% of workers are not satisfied with their work.
  • 60% of people say that if they get a chance to start again, they will choose another field.
  • 20% of people think that they did not get the role in life that they could have played better.
  • 30% of professionals think that their abilities were more suitable for another profession.
  • 51% of people regret their career choices.
  • Only 20% of people seem satisfied with the nature of their work.
  • However, it is a very important point that was made in 1987. According to a survey, 60% of people were happy with their profession.

The above figures are from a survey conducted globally and focus more on Western society. Where regular career counseling institutes are established and a sea of ​​information flows. In a country like Pakistan where the literacy rate is less than 50%, and career counseling does not have the status of a regular institution. The matter looks even more serious.

Elements that influence career choices.

Native occupation:

About 70% of the population of our country lives in rural areas, where the trend of change is very less in line with the changing requirements of the times. In such an environment, people prefer their native profession or business rather than choosing a new field or source of income. However, the same principle is mostly followed for a career choice in cities. So this is the first factor that influences a student’s career choice.

Hobby trend:

An individual’s personal tendency or hobby also influences career choice. For example, if an individual is interested in sports, and has all the potential to be a good athlete, then he will definitely try to choose this field.

The Environment:

A person’s environment, civilization, and culture are the important elements that affect the environment. Because civilization and culture shape our thinking, and that thinking leads to career choices.

The Obsession With Making Money:

Often the obsession with making money also affects every choice of profession. So the person who wants to be rich prefers business over a job.


Any ability bestowed by nature often leads to the choice of a particular field. For example, a writer is naturally a writer, whether he strives for it or not.

Situations and events:

In our country, often a field is not chosen wisely or with proper planning. Rather, it is the circumstances or any sudden change that causes it.

Lack Of Information:

Most sections of our society live in a limited sphere. Therefore, there is a severe lack of modern information. This lack of information greatly affects career choices.

Problems and Confusions:

In our society, the boundaries of many problems and confusions often do not allow an individual to choose a career freely and he keeps on trying to reach the destination by following the path of needs.

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