How To Write A Review Of A Student’s Practice

All students practice academic, industrial, and undergraduate. Upon completion, you must write a report, fill out the trainee’s diary, and get feedback from the head of the organization where you practice. Report writing requirements are usually in the department or dean’s office, but sometimes the student has to write a review (or explanation) on their own: the head of practice can ask about it in the words “my I don’t have time. You write, and I’ll fix it. ”

You will need:

  • The form of the organization where the practice was completed.
  • Report on process approval;
  • Trainee’s diary


There is no single reference sample (and even the title of this document). You can do this under the headings “Feedback on Exercise Passage”, “Feedback Approved for Practical Training”, “Opinion of Exercise Head”. The text of the review is written in any format, but must be printed on the official letterhead of the organization, which serves as the basis for this process.

At the beginning of the recall, the person responsible for the practice indicates (your name, group number, faculty, and university) who practiced (training, production, or pre-diploma), where (In which sector or division of the organization or enterprise) and (correct dates) your stay there).

List Your Responsibilities:

Next, you need to briefly list your responsibilities, tasks, and assignments (familiarity with organization formation, the study of regular documents, developing a project, etc.). Try to clearly articulate what knowledge, professional skills, and abilities you have during your practice.

Now we should give the trainee (i.e. ourselves) a feature. Usually, this part of the review begins with the words “at work when it proves.

Identify Your Positive Business Characteristics,

If you think you have really demonstrated while working in this company or organization. You can mention the quality of work, responsibility, labor discipline, ability to work in a team, etc.

At the end of the recall, the head of the exercise must state what kind of review his ward deserves. The printed review must be certified by the head of the organization and signed by the seal. Generally, a student internship review takes no more than one page. Feedback, along with other material about the practice, is also submitted in a timely manner to the graduation department or the dean’s office.

Useful Tips:

Like any official document, internship reviews mean business style. Pass the three qualifying rounds, they will be held from May 16 to June 28. Just keep your passport with you. You do not need to sign up to participate. Just choose the day that is right for you. Create your own program – pick quotes from poems, fiction, and works. Practice your performance multiple times. If you successfully complete all the rounds, you will be admitted to the entrance exams. By the end of June, submit the submitted documents to the selection committee.

Schedules Your Exams:

Find exam schedules for your specialty, prepare them. Therefore, future actors need to read a literary work by heart, present a song (the musician’s musical ability is tested), dance, or any other exercise to show plasticity. Practice your argument before the exam, do exercises to promote sound. Because speech therapists and phonetics will examine speech. Scriptwriters will need to write creative work. The first test is usually on July 1.

The results of the examinations were announced in July. If you have arrived, bring all the documents to the original selection committee. If you do not pass the entrance exams, you will have the opportunity to enter the Moscow Art Theater on a paid basis. In this case, you need to contact the selection committee. Please note that scholarships are not paid to students on a compensation basis. Applicants pursuing higher education, study for a fee only.

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