Isn’t Education The Right Of The Poor???


The importance of education is not denied to anyone. Education is the power that paves the way for prosperity. It is not an exaggeration to say that in the field of education itself, the roses of restoration of rights, truth-telling, truthfulness, zeal, and determination grow, which are knowledge-friendly people in a country, nation, or society. The atmosphere there is familiar with the song. That is why strategies are developed for the promotion of education regardless of religion or nationality.

Higher Education Centers:

Strategies are developed to make the education system standard and transparent. New methods are adopted for quality higher education. There is no doubt that the central and state governments have devised many schemes to streamline the education system. So that students can be active in acquiring knowledge from anyone. Undoubtedly, it can be said that even if there is a deviation in the attainment of basic education, the expectations of the students, even if they are highly educated, cannot be as high as they should be. Today, from the central level to the state level, many intellectuals and knowledge-loving people are concerned about higher education centers.

The Inaccuracy of the Education System:

Steps are being taken for higher and quality education, but no significant progress is being made for basic or elementary education, if any, it is just confined to paperwork. In this regard, the example of the state of Bihar is very prominent, because the government here has launched a mission to promote basic education. There is no significant benefit in this, the main reason being the appointment of incompetent teachers and the inaccuracy of the education system.

When I talked to the students several times about the educational activities, they said: “Brother! How will you read if the teacher does not come? When we ask the madam why you don’t come from the ban. Her answer is, she went to a meeting, she was blocked from schoolwork, when we say why we don’t get food, and she says, something will come, then we will get, something will come. No, what will you get? (One student even said) Brother! Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: It becomes a bale in two places. Forgive me (for whom), I will not tell you. ”When the students were asked if they had told the village elders. He smiled and said: “Who is the elder in the village, to whom should we go, to whom should we tell?” What to do if the elders of the village do this, let’s go!

We people consider you great. Will do something for us, we’ve heard that anyone in the block can complain about skepticism. Will you take us to them? ” Listening to the words of these innocent children, Raqeem has become very worried, why did it come to the lips of so many innocent children that who are the elders, when the elders do this, to whom should they tell? Raqeem said to these students, I can’t take the block, but I’ll go see them on a certain date. You guys just give them a request in their name, all your worries will go away. So he made a request to the CEO, which unfortunately did not reach him, is safe with Raqeem.

In the last few days, Rakeem has inspected several primary schools in Bihar, so many things have come to light, which is a disgrace to the people there, including the state government.

You Can Speak, You Have The Right, And Will You Speak Now?

The most annoying thing is that when the villagers discuss educational activities, they point out the problems. The school has issues that hurt them. If their heart is really troubled by the collapse of the education system, then why don’t they put these issues before the Block Education Officer or their superiors. In fact, every person in the village should feel responsible and highlight the problems and inform the higher authorities about them, then it is not far off that all the problems will be solved. Get rid of educational worries, the residents of the neighborhood will wake up, won’t you?

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