Online Education, In The Mirror Of Health And Social Issues


The coronavirus is a sudden plague that has hit the world. No country in the world can afford to face this sudden onslaught. The biggest threat to the spread of the Corona epidemic was the immediate closure of schools and educational institutions, which has almost disrupted the traditional way of teaching.

Efforts Of Educational Institutions:

In addition to some corporate educational institutions (which have the worst reputation for their practices), central government-run schools are also committed to benefiting students from online education (virtual learning). The efforts of educational institutions to enrich students with online education instead of leaving them at home in such a critical time of the epidemic may be commendable, but this step is taken ignoring the country’s educational infrastructure Not even in favor of the country’s educational interests.

E-Learning Or Online Method Of Education:

The biggest shortcomings and shortcomings regarding these measures have been clearly felt. They lack a comprehensive and uniform policy for all educational institutions. In the absence of checks and balances, ignoring the difficulties of parents, students, and teachers, ignoring the ground realities, when steps are taken, there is a risk and potential for more harm than good. These fears have forced students, parents, educators, and psychologists to protest against the online education system. A large number of people who until yesterday were familiar with the mere name of e-learning or online method of education. She was completely unaware of the procedure and for them, it was an attractive label of rarity, good looks, and high quality. But when they got a chance to see and use it up close. Then they came to know its implications, flaws, and shortcomings. The process of teaching and learning for students is not as exciting, dynamic, and full of energy as before. Rather, it has become a lifeless and lifeless process for them today, full of boredom.

Reason For Students’ Boredom:

Another reason for students’ boredom and boredom may be the terror of the Corona epidemic. Daily wear of masks, frequent hand washing, and distance from sports have had a devastating effect on the minds of worry-free children. Changed children’s morning and evening activities can be a major cause of disinterest in education. In such an unfortunate situation, education can be a compulsion for children, but it can never be a source of happiness and expansion. This is not the case with the students of our state or country.

Is Online Education Important For School Children?

In the global context, UNESCO warns that half the number of students is 826 million. Being online will deprive you of your education. Because computers are not available in their homes. In addition, 43% of the students, which is about 706 million, have no internet access in their homes. In view of these facts, there is a strong possibility that social teaching will be created due to online teaching by government and international organizations without the permission of the government. Such behavior will have a detrimental effect on the minds of poor and needy students.

Students in colleges and universities are more aware than schoolchildren. Students in schools are young and young. According to UNICEF, online education can be a precursor to risks and fears for adolescent students. Internet exposure of young students can lead to various forms of exploitation. UNICEF has made a number of recommendations to governments, schools, and parents to address these issues (facts).

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