Physical Education Teacher: Career and Profession


Graduate physical education teachers are also working in addition to their training. That is, their education and later and occupation do not agree, and official statistics indicate this.

In part, this phenomenon is common to the rest of the university graduates from different countries, and under whose term education is conducted.

Over Qualifications:

In this psychology online article, we show a part of the evolution in the last three years, and we will analyze its profile. Physical education teacher, his career, and profession.

Career as a Physical Education Teacher:

Graduates like physical education teachers face a complex labor market, in which they are employed less than their professional qualifications. Exceeding the limit explains the situation, in which people are employed. The training required for their performance is below the educational guidance available to the worker or candidate.

Without wanting to simplify such a complex problem, because it affects countries with different economic development, different cultures, and demographic structures. Some important common statistics can be appreciated: it is growing steadily in all European countries, as it is more prevalent in women.

Specifically, in this report, we want to echo the evolution of these three years, with a certain degree of improvement in the economic crisis situation in our country based on the data of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). Focusing on the number of graduates as a diploma in the field of education, the number of contracts and the profession in which they have been awarded.

Boundary Features:

If we stick to the extreme economic dimension, there are significant differences according to the geographical area. That is to say, the overcapacity rate is high and unstable in the environment of peripheral European countries (Mediterranean region). Less in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands) and it seems, that a cyclonic pattern is followed.

The Effects of Abuse:

Garcia-Montallo (2009) states: “The consequences of over-qualification are numerous. From the point of view of education policy, the permanent status of over-qualification does not provide the expected return to society from subsidizing, reducing private expenditure, and this activity only becomes an expensive way to subsidize the electoral process. . Thus, a portion of the default resources for the education of company personnel can be devoted to maximum economically profitable activities.

The Social Effects Of Transgression:

This does not solve the problem of entering stable fluctuations. Nor is it the possession of graduates to achieve it. Increasing frustration in students and creating an annoying distortion. First, however, it is easier to analyze. Point out, pointing out that “the results show the negative impact of the crisis on the employment of graduates and their conditions. Employment percentage of graduates in low education, from 2007 to 2010 class, about 10%.

Facts About Working As A Physical Education Teacher:

The number of employees with the qualification of “Teacher, Physical Education Characteristic” decreased. Of these, 66, 94% were unemployed and 69.9% were employed before the employment included in the official data. The number of people with previous jobs. However, and despite the addition of a large number of degrees, note that it should be noted that the number of applicants was reduced from 888 in a period of three years.


Assessing the quality and satisfaction of the graduates with the new job as well as the awareness of the adjustment between their expectations and contracts, from these statistics alone, we present the theory that the situation presented by such official data to be presented.

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