Poor Students And Parents Suffer From Financial Problems Due To Online Education


Modern gadgets such as computers, laptops, iPads, tubs, or smartphones are essential for online education. For those families where poverty is not the only reason for these devices to existing, it is also impossible. Online education is no less than a tormentor trial for these students and their parents. Poor people have been forced to face unemployment, depression, and starvation for the past three to four months due to the lockdown.

What Will Happen To The Education Of Their Children?

According to newspaper reports, a few students committed suicide when their parents did not provide them with a computer, smartphone, or television. There have also been reports of suicides by some students. Computers, laptops, iPads, tubs so far only a minimum of Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 is required to buy a mobile phone, which is not just for these poor parents. Due to which their children are deprived of education. Access to the Internet and mobile data also requires costs, which poor parents cannot afford. These facts are a manifestation of social inequality. The current epidemic is pushing the education system into a class struggle. Students and parents suffer from financial problems and stress due to a lack of resources and money. For poor families, it is more important to put out the fire in the stomach of children than to buy a smartphone. These stories of deprivation and compulsion can lead to a sense of inferiority in students. The government needs urgent measures to protect innocent students and poor parents from mental disorders.

Rural Areas Deprived Of Online Education:

For online education where citizens living in cities suffer from numerous problems. Students living in more rural areas are deprived of the benefits of online education. The biggest obstacle in online education is stable or uninterrupted access to modern devices, electricity, and the Internet.

Why And How To Provide Equitable Education:

UNESCO has proposed community radio and television broadcasting as an alternative teaching method to reduce existing social inequalities. UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said in a report that this is the only solution. Through which the global alliance can overcome this educational crisis. The Union Ministry of Human Resources and Development is emphasizing the preparation and delivery of lessons along the same lines on the DTH platform. According to the Minister for Human Resources and Development, the government is considering the possibility of broadcasting these lessons on All India Radio. Online education is certainly a good platform, but it is not suitable for everyone.

Occupations Of Online Education:

This requires the provision of a few essential resources, such as devices and free access to the stable Internet, which not every student can afford. Modern devices will gadgets, in addition to non-standard Internet networks, blue light coming out of the screen, which affects the eyes by staring at the screen for a long time, etc. Occupations of online education are included. In the online method of teaching, the teacher cannot monitor the body language of the students, which is considered necessary to test the student’s acquired ability. In traditional teaching and learning, students get immediate solutions to their problems and questions, which develops in them a sense of satisfaction and happiness, which has a positive effect on the rate and quality of acquisition, while Line education is devoid of this effectiveness.

Importance of Online Education:

In the current situation, online education can certainly be considered a must. It is very important for parents or guardians to keep an eye on students during online education. Because while online education provides students with learning opportunities, it can also attract attention to other unnecessary and destructive activities. Immediately after teaching the lessons, the saints, students, and guardians need to pay attention to these matters. The effect of online teaching and learning has not been vague and long-lasting. Education is not just about limiting students to the curriculum. It also includes discipline, etiquette, interaction with other people, peers, and teachers, and training in good manners.

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