School Dropout … Problems and Solutions


The development of the country and the nation depends on education. The basis and path of development of a country are also determined through education. Not everyone is talking about the importance and usefulness of education in this day and age, but when it comes to practical steps, then all claims and promises fall to the iceberg. Everybody, young and old, realize that the important field like education has been neglected somewhere, and the country and the nation are suffering as a result. The state of today’s educational society, which interprets statistics as progress, has deteriorated further.

Negligence and Carelessness of Teachers:

When mistakes, failures, and shortcomings are mentioned, then the power will fall on the poor government teachers. It is not a moral thing for the authorities to shout at the faults and shortcomings and to put their faults on the shoulders of the teachers and run away. Even if the negligence and carelessness on the part of the teachers are accepted.

Then this negligence is nothing more than this noble policy-making, which has swept away the fleet of education. Even today, conscientious teachers are devoting their energies to getting the educational fleet out of the whirlpool. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Public Educational Institutions:

That used to be a mine of knowledge and wisdom in the recent past. Those universities are now home to demons of despair and inferiority complex. There are loud claims every day to remove the dilapidated condition of these madrassas and restore their greatness, but honestly, not a single step has been taken in this direction to date. Public madrassas have become a telling picture of the failure of teachers, administration, and bureaucracy.

Punishments Given By Teachers:

If the administration does not see the pile of problems in public schools. So it can only be interpreted blindly. Seriously try to overcome these problems, then surely it will be a good omen for the society. The biggest goal for the Department of Education in this regard is to overcome the 100% enrollment (co-attending school age) and the dropout rate of Turkish education. The failure of the education department in this work is still evident, the punishments of which are being given to the teachers. In light of the statistics, it is worrying that despite the continuous efforts of the government and the education department.


If you are asked about the moon, what does the moon look like? Then the first answer to hunger will be, that the moon also looks like bread. It is a matter of great pleasure in government madrassas that lunch is provided at all times in the name of mid-day mail. It is also important to keep children safe from lunch. So that students can study unilaterally. Students living below the poverty line who use their children to work in small shops to make fires for themselves and their children. Innocent children begin to sponsor parents.

Who will be the guarantor of their education?

In addition to lunch, the government should set at least five hundred rupees per child for breakfast and a monthly stipend for each child. This will be remedied and the country and society will embrace prosperity and well-being only in the next twenty years. Textbooks are also provided free of cost to students in government madrassas. If notebooks are also provided with them, then this process will be a boon for poor parents. Uniform quality colors and patterns should also be adopted like home madrassas, so it may be easier to attract children to school. Admission to government madrassas can be increased in addition to controlling dropout rates by ensuring a timely supply of uniforms, textbooks, and other educational materials.

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