Ten Best Countries to Study in Europe


Well-known for providing culturally rich and higher education, there are several countries in Europe that offer tuition-free education, commemorating your study abroad experience.

Here, we have compiled a list of European countries, which will be extremely useful for students who dream of studying abroad. When such students plan to study in Europe, they may consider choosing one of these countries.

  1. Spain:

In Spain, like other countries in Europe, the tuition rate is the best. In addition, the daily expenses of living are relatively low.

If you want to study in Spain, try living in small towns there. Because with it your budget will also decrease. The cost of living, studying, and traveling in big cities is always higher than in small towns. So it would be better to live in a small town in Spain.

  1. Germany:

Germany ranks second on our list of the best and quality education, where undergraduate degrees are absolutely free for local and international students. Students only have to pay a small fee for membership in the student union and administrative fees, which will not cost you much. There are more than 70 universities to realize your dream of higher education, from which you have to choose one to pursue higher education.

  1. France:

France, another ancient and beautiful country in Europe with its very low tuition fees, low living costs, and the most beautiful landscapes in the world, is in third place on our list. If you like higher education as well as adventure, then studying in France can be a wonderful experience for you.

  1. Norway:

In Norway, as in many other European countries, all studies up to undergraduate level are offered free of charge and there is no specialization for local or international students.

If you want to study for a master’s or Ph.D. level, you have to pay a reasonable tuition fee. All subjects here are taught in English. That is why many international students prefer Norway for higher education.

  1. Sweden:

Sweden, another beautiful country in Europe included in our list, is also a Bahraini option for international students. Because it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, and that is why it is part of the priorities of international students.

The best universities and low-cost tuitions are attractive to international students. Another nice thing about the education system here is that if you complete an undergraduate study program from a Swedish university and immediately apply for a master’s or Ph.D., the tuition fee is very low for you. Or is it absolutely free, which is certainly an admirable thing?

  1. Poland:

Poland is also an important country in Europe in terms of higher education, where more than five hundred educational institutions are waiting for you to study. The cost of living and studying here is slightly lower than in other European countries. Poland is also known for its aggressive lifestyle, where the education system is not compromised.

  1. Finland:

Education is free for local students at Finnish educational institutions. However, international students have to pay a reasonable tuition fee. If you study in the national language or Swedish at educational institutions here, you are exempt from paying tuition fees.

  1. The Netherlands:

In which European country most English language study courses are taught. She is from the Netherlands. More than two thousand one hundred educational institutions are waiting for you here. This country is also known for its education-friendly system. There is another benefit to studying here as well, that after completing your study program you get a one-year residence permit to live here.

  1. Greece:

Greece, however, is considered to be the most attractive and highest tourist destination. However, when it comes to education, Greece cannot be given a lower status than any other European country. The excellent education system here attracts students from all over the world.

  1. Austria:

Austria is a great destination for tourism in Europe, this beautiful and ancient country, although it is an attraction for tourists, it is also an attraction for international students. Extremely low crime rates make this country extremely safe and secure for locals and foreigners alike. While the cost of accommodation here is also extremely low.

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