What Is Secondary Education In ALBION Countries?

The eleventh birthday party for your child is a new period in your life, a stage of high school. Despite the fact that public and private schools in the UK, all share the same educational standards. In addition, the state provides the right to education in high school for children up to 16 years, i.e. It should be noted, that free education in the UK is not only in demand, but also very popular among different social classes.

Upon completion of the training, students pass the final exam and receive a certificate, however, which does not guarantee admission to universities but gives the right to give the opportunity to work.

Public Schools:

Down (they bet parents live in England), they can also be trained by foreigners between the ages of 8 to 18 years.

Education in Prestigious Independent Schools.

They are usually only English school students (85%). Good private schools are available on all types of land, educational, health, sports, and recreational accommodation, where the option is in the hundreds.

Professional Education:

Medical education in the UK:

In addition to schools, the UK also has institutions providing specialized secondary education. In which children of institutions are given a specific profession.

Institute and Vocational School:

The difference between the two systems is similar to Russian schools, requiring full completion including college admission, and then. In the UK such institutions are called tertiary colleges. For them, educational programs and qualifications feature a certain change.

The latter depends largely on the further fate of the graduate. Therefore, NVQ qualification involves only practical work in the business and industry sectors. However, a multi-level system, and, in principle, provides the knowledge necessary to continue further education. These are the five skill levels. By performing a certain level of work, showing practicality, each of them can earn.

Free Education In The UK:

Need to know in three years to get a bachelor’s degree in England and Wales. Learning requires practical training. Then, accordingly, increase the period. Specific specials, such as case design and art history, approval of basic training course, advised after three years of specialization. To get or become a medical student in the UK, for example, you will have to study architecture for at least seven years. All courses are divided into degrees, respectively, the more it is, the more valuable the graduate.

Schools UK Boarding:

The dream of every parent – a successful and well-educated child. Thousands of heartfelt love are willing to pay more to train their child in an English private school. Private schools in the UK are vast because it feels nothing complicated. And here it is.

The Most Important Catch:

This is a good agency that will please not only the parents but also a child first, which is not so easy to choose.

Today, English schools are happy to accept children from Russia and the CIS countries. To dispel any doubts regarding the quality of teaching and learning training, there are rankings of private schools. This is historically shared by most parents.

Schooling in the UK:

Belief Life in England is almost the most expensive, not uncommon. But is it true? Are there any simple-minded students’ tricks to save money? Is it possible to somehow overcome the problems of education in the UK? Well, of course! Before the start of the first academic year of her life, she had to take care of the student’s choice of residence in England.

History of education in the UK:

The current education system in the UK does not allow students from Russia and the CIS countries to go to college and university immediately after school at home. To enroll in an English university, you need at least 2 to complete a course at your home institution or undergo special training in the UK.

They are divided into two categories:

  • The 2 years a level offers the opportunity to get admission to all the universities of the country. Eligible students can only go through one program in a year.
  • Base (or Foundation) – 1 year period. The Concentrated program offers admission to a limited number of universities.
  • Such preparation systems are important for people seeking higher education in the UK.
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